What role do Google and Facebook play in a content marketing strategy?

A content plan allows you to define the role your branded content will play in brand strategy. To achieve a  successful marketing strategy it is important that businesses choose how to engage with a desired target audience.

On a daily basis I’m sure most of you would use Google and Facebook, some a lot more than others? Have you ever noticed when typing in to google or scrolling through your Facebook feed why certain content pops up, most of the time you would ignore it, but on that off chance something may appeal to you. Content marketing is the process in which companies try to engage their target audience –  creating, distributing, valuable and relevant content.

For more in depth information on content marketing please have a look at the link below. The link provides two very interesting videos about the history of content marketing and how leading brands use content marketing successfully.


Google content marketing emphasises the use of their search engine, who wouldn’t, its one of the most powerful and well known online search engines in the world! By emphasising the use of the search engine, Google use methods to ensure your site comes up when searching for a particular topic or service on Google. The use of key words in search engines are very useful for finding relevant content that draw positive responses from the search engine to the desired website. Google search can also link to well written blogs, submissions to articles and social media to create more links to your website these are all tools which are used in Googles clever marketing strategies.

To ensure content marketing stays effective to your business it is important that you keep up to date with the trends and methods Google use likewise with Facebook..

Facebook also plays a critical role in content marketing strategies which can help generate interest in your business, there is over a billion active Facebook users daily. Effective content posting on social media will see a huge increase in likes, comments and shares on business posts if marketed correctly. I personally think Facebook is a great content marketing strategy, especially for start up businesses as it is a very good promotional tool. Anyone can start a Facebook page, however how you market your page by adding the correct information for your target audience is key. Facebook is a good content marketing tool, however I feel it is important to keep information professional even though it is a social media site! Businesses want to attract their desired target audience by being as professional as possible but at the same time keeping people interested. In my opinion I feel some companies over use social media and add unnecessary content, keep it engaging, professional and relevant.

Content Marketing continues to grow with more users using the internet on a regular basis. It will be interesting to see how content marketing strategies will develop over time, I believe virtual reality and self interaction will  be used more frequently through google search engines and social media as a marketing tool to engage more users. For more information on trends shaping the future of content marketing have a look at this interesting article https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/300473


Read more at:

Google, 2015. Build a Content Plan. [Online] Think with Google. Available from: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/marketing-resources/youtube/build-a-content-plan/


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